One on One Coaching


One on One Coaching:

Stronger, leaner, more confident- whatever your goals, I’m your partner in the process and together we’re a team. I’m a certified personal trainer CPT. and corrective exercise specialist CES., both received with honors from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. When you meet the right person the results can be epic. The changes you’re looking to make start with me and end with you.


My one on one training is unparalleled, a level of service beyond. Your body/mind made stronger, your choices made smarter, and your life made better. Fitness exceeds the walls of the gym and into everything you do in life, how you carry yourself, how you interact with others, and your level of productivity day in, and day out. When you change your behavior you function on a higher level across the board. Together we will tackle what may have seemed impossible on your own and make it easily manageable.


Starting off we will get your measurements, weight, and discuss any past injuries or dietary restrictions. We will then go over your 30, 90, and 180 day goals for your health specifically and your life as a whole. I’ll have you write them down along with your measurements and weight so that we can track our progress and solidify our plan in writing. From there I will craft your exercise program, and meal plan, so that we can quickly, and efficiently, get started on your new life.


Get started today by filling out the form below or calling at 234-380-2330.