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” I joined the James Anderson Ambition Fitness team about 5 months ago. All I can say is, LIFE CHANGING. The first time I met with James I was nervous. Change can be scary. That went away the first five minutes of our first session..."
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Erica Chalmers
"The inspiration, motivation, and overall success I’ve received from working with James is just crazy for me. I’ve been so comfortable with just mediocre results until I was pushed out of that complacency..."
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"James has helped me become the strong confident woman I had always hoped to be. He pushes me and holds me accountable. Couldn’t ask for a better trainer!!”
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5 Star Rating on Google

Personal Training Services

Powerlifting - Trust the Process

Below you will be able to take a brief look at how I organize my personal training services and the services I provide.

I keep things as simple as possible while making them fun yet challenging. Your goals are my goals. Together we can do some amazing things. I will guide you through the process but it will be your responsibility to show up ready to do the work.

If you are interested in my coaching services please scroll down to choose a plan or fill out the contact form at the bottom for more information.

Kacie S. Down over 50 lbs.

Personal Training Services include:

Semi-private Training this is personal training in a small group of 2-3 people. Great for friends, co-workers, family members who want to train together, or individuals who want to share a session. CLICK HERE to learn more.

8, 12, and 16 monthly session packages. Price break on 3-6 month packages. $30 an hour.

Personal Training– One on one training. I’ll work with you where you’re at and get you where you want to be. Great for those who like their privacy. CLICK HERE to learn more about personal training.

8, 12 and 16 monthly session packages. Price break on 3-6 month packages. $60 an hour or $30 for 30 minutes. Get started today by filling out the form below or calling at 234-380-2330.

I use my experience for my personal training servicesTraining Muay Thai Kickboxing in Phuket, Thailand April 2019

I train out of American Muscle & Fitness in Green, OH.