Personal Training Services

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Below you will be able to take a brief look at how I organize my personal training services and the services I provide.

The Process

  1. Consultation- Where you tell me what you are trying to achieve and I let you know how I can help. Goals, nutrition, lifestyle, and possible barriers are the focus of what we will discuss. It can be a bit intimidating coming into a new environment that you’re not entirely comfortable in but we’ve all done it and everyone is very welcoming. Every single healthy person at some point walked through those doors and chose courage over fear.
  2. Meal plan- You cannot outwork a bad diet. Every client gets a customized meal plan based on your age, weight, and height. Proper nutrition is essential for remaining focused and energetic throughout the day. It is also a very large part of the success you will experience on your journey.
  3. Weekly workouts- I will see you between 2-4 times a week depending on which package you choose and we will begin sculpting your body and focusing on mobility and performance.
  4. Check-ins- I get your weight on Sundays to track your progress and adjust the meal plans accordingly.

I keep things as simple as possible while making it fun yet challenging. Your goals are my goals. Together we can do some amazing things. I will guide you through the process but it will be your responsibility to show up ready to do the work.

If you are interested in my coaching services please scroll down to choose a plan or fill out the contact form at the bottom for more information.

I use my experience for my personal training servicesKilimanjaro Trek October 2018

Personal Training Services include:

Corrective Exercise- Corrective exercise is diagnosing and correcting postural distortion patterns due to muscle imbalances. For instance, if you experience upper back and neck pain due to working at a desk throughout the day it’s more than likely due to your shoulders hunching forward and poor posture.  CLICK HERE to learn more about corrective exercise and how I can help relieve that pain.

Semi-private Training this is personal training in a small group of 2-3 people. Great for friends, co-workers, family members who want to train together, or individuals who want to share a session. CLICK HERE to learn more.

8, 12, and 16 monthly session packages. Price break on 3-6 month packages. $30 an hour.

Personal Training– One on one training. I’ll work with you where you’re at and get you where you want to be. Great for those who like their privacy. CLICK HERE to learn more about personal training.

8, 12 and 16 monthly session packages. Price break on 3-6 month packages. $60 an hour or $30 for 30 minutes. Get started today by filling out the form below or calling at 234-380-2330.

I use my experience for my personal training servicesTraining Muay Thai Kickboxing in Phuket, Thailand April 2019

I train out of American Muscle & Fitness in Green, OH.