You’re supposed to be in Florida.

This post is not for the people who are happy with the life they have currently.

It’s more so for the people who feel like they are standing still in life. People who feel stuck. People who feel like they should be further along than they are. For those who feel like somethings missing.

I feel like some people are more in tune with this part of themselves than others. I also feel that I am one of those people.

You can see in your everyday life who feels like somethings missing. Although they might not know it they tell on themselves all the time. The people who drink excessively on a regular basis who are “just trying to have fun”. The people who over eat the worst kinds of food to the point of serious health conditions. Those who gamble, those who spend hours and hours playing video games or watching Netflix. (Yes you). For some its sex, for some it drugs, others its work but the list goes on. So what’s missing?

Well unfortunately only you can answer that and therein lies the problem. Most people don’t care enough to look at themselves. And I mean really fuckin look, openly and honestly. We’re content with our distractions. It will always be easier to distract than it will be to face pain and some people will spend their whole lives doing this.

Why are you here? What is your purpose? What can you contribute? What do you want to contribute?

We are lacking direction, we are lacking passion and we are lacking purpose. No one ever really told us to look for these things though. Go to school, get a degree so you can get a good paying job, then you can get the dog, the house, the significant other, the car and the week vacation every year to Myrtle Beach. And in the meantime you can just bury yourself in Facebook feed, snapchat stories and Instagram posts.

So we do it. Or at least try to. All the while trying to make it through to the weekend, or the day off where we can watch Netflix or go out with our friends to forget about how fucking lost we feel. We tell ourselves were doing the right thing, it’s all part of the plan, and when we have the degree the money and the house we will be happy. FUCK THAT.

Who wants to spend their life trying to get to the weekend? YOU. ARE. WASTING. TIME.

On this path I promise you one day you will wake up and your life will be over. You will be too fucking old to take risks and do the things you wanted to do. You’ll have a family that needs you and depends on you to go to the job you fuckin hate to support them.

We need to find ourselves. We need to look at the why’s behind our distractions. Behind our feelings of being lost, behind our lack of self-esteem or self-acceptance and then we need to act. It does not have to be this way and we don’t have to consistently feel these types of feelings.

Something changes when you know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You become grounded in who you are and in your life. You are no longer floating but making decisive maneuvers to get to the place you are trying to go.

If you ask yourself the question “what the fuck am I doing with my life” and you don’t have the answer then I would suggest you take the time to figure that out and make sure it’s what you actually want. Not what people, family, or society has told you to want but what YOU want.

There will always be regret waiting for those who were too afraid to look within themselves for the answers to these questions. For all the why’s behind what they do. The real answers. Not because I like to eat, because I like to get high, because I like to party, because I like money or any of the other bullshit surface reasons I hear from people. If any of these things cause you emotional pain then you need to look at them.

I’m not asking anyone to do anything I haven’t already done or continue to do on a daily basis. This shit continues to change my life. Ask the questions, get the answers.

You’re leaving on a trip to Florida. A beautiful new life on the beach. A fresh start. Tires are aired up, fresh oil change, full tank and when you get in the car and turn the key… nothing.

You walk inside sit on the couch, and accept the fact that you are just meant to live in Akron for the rest of your life. You find an ok job that covers your bills and occasionally when you can swing it you go out with your friends for a few drinks. You’re content but not happy. You know you’re supposed to be in Florida LIVING your dream on the beach in the sun with new experiences and fresh faces.

This goes on for a while and one day you hear a knock at the door. It’s a neighbor who noticed your car sitting outside and decides he wants to purchase it. You tell him, “that’s fine, the piece of shit won’t even start.”

He walks around back and starts fiddling around with it checking this and that, runs to the part store and comes back. He pops the hood starts tinkering and proceeds to turn the key.

Fires right up.

You say to him, “how the hell did you do that, what was wrong?”

He says, “It was the starter fuse, 30 bucks at auto zone.”

POP THE FUCKING HOOD. You’re supposed to be in Florida.

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